Sustainable Fashion

For us, dressing is an art not only for our eyes, but for our inner feeling as well.

Each Pret a Porter garment Jenny Duarte has a story behind her, starring the valorization of Peruvian artisans and & nbsp; The nature, and is developed together with the unique design of each collection, obtaining a happy ending that we call Sustainable Fashion.

The materials

We use materials that come from nature, high purity and high quality, from baby alpaca fiber, royal alpaca and pima cotton with mixtures with soy, seacell or silk. And for the jewelery line silver and pure gold and natural semiprecious stones.

Our star, the alpaca.

This animal, rooted with & nbsp; Andean culture for 6000 years, has a wonderful fiber ideal for keeping warm, with great softness and shine. It maintains the heat in cold days and lets the air pass in hot days, for possessing microbolsillos. The Peruvian alpaca differs from the other alpacas around the world by breeding in the cold climate and the "frost" (bursts of cold air that usually appear before dawn or during the nights of the Andes), this makes it more resistant and lustrous to the fiber. It is also an environmentally friendly animal since it does not harm the terrain in which it lives helping the regeneration of the earth.

The Craftsmen

The unique design takes shape in the hands of artisans and craft communities with which we work, where we seek to value the cultural legacy of the Andean fabric. Many of the artisans are mothers who have formed a bond of deep friendship with us. So we take care of our producers and artisans, seeking to receive the maximum benefits for their work.